Dementia Awareness Week 2022

It’s Dementia Awareness Week 2022!

As part of our services at Standby Healthcare, we provide healthcare professionals who are experienced in elderly and complex care needs. We recently partook in #BakeForDementia, with our fundraising efforts doubled by the company – with a total raised for Alzheimer’s Society being £100!

This Dementia Awareness Week, we are proud to support our clients and healthcare workforce who understand their patient’s challenging and unique needs, supporting people with dementia and their families.

This year’s theme is ‘Diagnosis’; misconceptions of symptoms being mistook as just getting old and social barriers brought on by the pandemic and the decrease of social gatherings, have contributed to the drop in dementia diagnosis rates for the first time ever.

The purpose of Dementia Awareness Week is to encourage people who may be living with, or close to someone who might be living with undiagnosed dementia to be able to understand and recognise potential dementia symptoms and to contact the Alzheimers Society direct for guidance and support about any next steps.