Get to know… Kathrine Taylor, Marketing Manager

Last month, we welcomed Kathrine Taylor as our Marketing Manager into the Standby Healthcare team – giving our socials a much needed boost! 

With the majority of people now scrolling through their phones to find a new job role, we felt that Standby needed to move with the times to show off the amazing things that our HQ staff, healthcare workforce and clients do.

Let’s get into our chat with Kathrine… 

Tell me a little about yourself…

I have always worked within the digital space; whether it being in E-Commerce, eBay or social media – I’ve always been glued to my phone creating content! I love social media A LOT, maybe too much… When not at work, you can find me having adventures around the North East, sharing everything on Tiktok!

How are you settling into your role? Are you finding it harder/easier to adjust to your new role, is it what you expected?

I’m settling in really well, it almost feels like I’ve been here forever! As social media is something I’ve done as a personal passion and as a career, I’ve slotted in well as I know what I’m doing and don’t need too much input to keep going. I’m enjoying learning about the healthcare and recruitment sectors and the different approach to promoting and showing awareness online, as I’m used to product based services.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I love the fast paced nature of what I do. Social media changes so fast, with new algorithms coming and going, new features launched and new trending topics that come to the forefront daily, and even hourly! This means I need to be on my toes, keeping up with news and what other brands and creators are doing. 

I enjoy having the freedom to post about all the positive things that Standby Healthcare are doing. Seeing the amazing work that goes on within the community and behind the scenes at HQ instantly inspires me to create content, sharing the work that goes on behind an emerging healthcare recruitment company. 

What does the word ‘healthcare’ mean to you?

Healthcare means everything to me, especially in recent times. My dad suffered a heart attack in 2019, waiting 2 and a half hours for an ambulance before being rushed to the RVI for a STEMI. Without the quick intervention of our healthcare professionals, one of the most important people in my life wouldn’t be here today.

Healthcare professionals have the ability to make a situation feel calm and uncontrol, having their patients trust them wholeheartedly even having just met them minutes previous. 

Are there any challenges within your role that you’ve had to overcome? 

I would say that the only challenge I’ve had within my role is having less time than I’d like to complete what I want to achieve in my day. The ‘to do’ list keeps growing, but I am only one person! 

Tell me what a typical day looks like for you.

My day to day schedule varies each day, but I always start with a good flick through Linkedin. Linkedin is a fabulous platform to connect with like minded people within your sector, and is great to get news and trends quickly.

I will then write a to do list for the day, adding in tasks from my overall list of things I need and want to do. I will often batch write my content, before assigning any artwork needed and any video content that I want. 

As I am still relatively new in my role, I’m still working out the best schedule to achieve maximum productivity. 

What do you tend to have for your dinner?

Usually it’s something made from home – so either Chicken, quinoa and veggies or a salad! I like to be able to fuel myself on something colourful as a form of self care.

Tell me an interesting fact about you that people may not know!

I am a complete adrenaline junkie for activities; I love being high up off the ground doing aerial circus tricks on the rope, silks and hoop – and have an obsession with Bungee Superfly at the moment!

What do you like to do to unwind and relax?

When I’m not bouncing off the walls literally, I like to walk along the beach. I live in Sunderland so am really lucky to have an amazing coastline on my doorstep. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time, I’ll be in my 30s and feeling very old!

But no, I hope to still be at Standby Healthcare having built a possible Marketing team to assist me in my dreams of content creation. I’d like to also be continuing my personal brand, being authentically me, with some projects on the side! Maybe also a fully furnished house would be nice – I bought my house nearly 3 years ago and it’s still got blank walls!

Fancy seeing what Kathrine gets up to day to day? Watch our Marketing Manager’s video here.