#gladtocare Awareness Week – Paige Parker

It’s #gladtocare awareness week; a week to celebrate the resilient care workers who continue to make a difference to the lives of recipients of care.

Did you know that all our Recruitment Consultants have had healthcare experience?

We spoke to Resourcing & Compliance Coordinator Paige Parker who tells us about her healthcare journey and how it has helped her with her current role…

What healthcare role have you worked in previously, and what did you do?

I have had quite a few health roles in the past! I started in a residential care home which was split between different wards for elderly and frail people, with the top floor for nursing people with complex care needs such as end of life care and dementia. After this, I went onto domiciliary care which was anything from polishing an elderly lady’s cutlery to supporting people that were no longer verbal and were very dependant on the Carer. After that, I went onto Support Work for people with learning disabilities.

Why did you work within the healthcare sector?

I feel that I’m quite a naturally caring person and I needed something to put that skill into practice. It was something that I feel I could get across quite well and I wanted to make a difference.

I fell into the world of healthcare really, and I was referred by a friend of a friend. It just seemed like the right role to get into.

Is there anything within the healthcare role that has helped you to recruit for candidates in that sector?

Yeah, definitely! I would say that mainly understanding that once healthcare gets you, it get you! And being able to relieve a bit of the pressure as well sometimes, understanding that different places have different difficulties with being able to relieve that in the ways we can.

Is there any advice you’d give to a candidate wanting to apply for Standby?

Yes! Go with agency, don’t look back! If you want to take control of your own working hours and days and actually feel valued and feeling like you are making that difference that you want to make, join an agency!

Looking to contact Paige about our efficient compliance process? Email her at paige@standbyhealthcare.com or call 0191 646 0100 today!